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    Phone Repair

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    Tablet Repair

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    Computer Repair

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    The best repair shop for your laptop, tablet, and phone device whenever you need it.

    Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. It's not fair when your brand new phone gets damaged. But we are here to make it right for you again.

    Cell Doc Repairs Screen Replacement Humble TX, Kingwood TX

    Screen Replacement

    Did you drop your phone? Is your screen broken? We can get it fixed in under an hour, depending on your phone model.

    Cell Doc Repairs Charging and Battery Humble TX, Kingwood TX

    Charging and Battery

    Does your battery die too fast or charge too slow?We offer many software and hardware solutions to your problems. 

    Cell Doc Repairs Liquid Damage Humble TX, Kingwood TX

    Liquid Damage

    Did your phone fall in water? We will do our best to repair and restore it, but liquids can bring severe problems to your phone. If we can't fix it we'll help you replace it.

    Cell Doc Camera Repair Humble TX, Kingwood TX

    Camera Repair

    You want to photograph the world around you, but your camera is broken? Our technicians are experts in the field of camera repairs. They'll take a look at it for free.

    Cell Doc Repairs Software update for your laptop, smarphone, and tablets Humble TX, Kingwood TX

    Software Update

    Many problems with your phone tablet or laptop are due to software issues. Sometimes a quick update can be a solution for many of your problems.

    Cell Doc Other Repairs Humble TX, Kingwood TX

    Other Repairs

    Don't lose hope if your phone problem hasn't been mentioned so far. At Cell Doc we offer free diagnostics that can offer you a variety of repairs.

    Why Choose Cell Doc


    You don't have to worry when you don't know what's wrong with your phone, tablet or laptop. We'll take a look at it for free!


    *We know you love your electronic device and we hate to keep you away from it. That's why our standard repair time is less than 45 minutes. You can leave and pick up your phone in just one lunch break!


    At Cell Doc you can expect the highest quality treatment for you and your phone. Years of experience in what we do make us confident that we can help you!


    Your personal data is secure with us. Your privacy and data confidentiality are always top priority! Personal data is never touched without your consent.


    With Cell Doc you will find the best prices to buy and repair phones, tablets, and laptops. If you find the same item cheaper somewhere else, we will refund you the difference! 


    All of Cell Doc's repairs come with a limited lifetime warranty to ensure the best user experience for you. If our repairs caused any fault, we'll fix it again for free.

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    About Cell Doc Repairs

    Quick repairs - guaranteed resultsCell Doc is a modern company that operates in Kingwood TX, Humble TX, and Timberlane acres TX. We specialize in repairs for laptops, cell phones and tablets. When you come to one of our shops you can expect the best treatment of your phone and yourself.
    For you we strive to be a source of trust and reliability. When your phone, tablet or laptop fail you, we won’t. Some phones are the same, but all users are different. And we will provide you with a customer experience tailored only to you. 
    At Cell Doc we know that you have a busy schedule. You need things done now. That’s why we try to fix your devices as quickly as possible. In just one lunch break we can fix most of your electronic problems. 
    Cell Doc's phone repair services are highly recommended. We have an excellent phone repair team at your disposal. They aren't just the best technicians. They also know what great customer service actually means.
    Our MissionOur Mission is to be there for you, when your device isn’t. To have your back when you need someone reliable to fix your phone, laptop or tablet. Accidents happen in all times and places. You don't have to explain to us anything private. We appreciate the opportunity to help you out.
    Our ApproachTo do all of this we have a team of experts at your disposal. You won't run into some tech geeks that never leave their basements. Our staff is friendly and ready to help you. You need your device fixed, but that doesn't mean that we won't give you the attention that you deserve as a customer. 
    We listen to you with interest, we diagnose your device for free, together we agree on a solution, we work on it and you take back your device as happy as you first bought it. 
    To ensure all of this we use only the highest quality parts to provide a durable and lasting result. We have years of experience and many happy clients. All of our prices are made with you, the customer, in mind. 
    All of this together makes Cell Doc the best mobile repair expert shop in the local areas of Kingwood, Humble and Timberlane, Texas. Cell Doc phone repair service is quick, efficient and reliable. And last but not least - we come highly recommended. Join our family of happy customers.
    You don't deserve anything less than our best.


    Great prices! Fast and friendly!

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